I have known Rabbi Sholom Storch shlit'a for many years. His interest, knowledge, and wisdom, in the area of education, have always impressed me.
The ability to quantify methodology that a good educator does, and 'suggest' strategies that a good teacher 'should' do, is a strength in Rabbi Storch that I admire. Using his talents, to teach 'best habits' of quality instruction, lie at the core of Rabbi Storch's prowess in the field of Chinuch. Lastly, a good pedagogue must be a "mentch". Students immediately are persuaded towards, or deterred from, the learning process by the character of the figure at the head of the classroom.  This applies to adult student as well. Rabbi Storch's genuineness, sincerity, and caring, are hallmarks of a good teacher. Those fortunate enough to study educational methodology under Rabbi Storch's tutelage are bound to become successful in their field.

Rabbi Hillel Mandel

Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer


I have been leading the sales and customer service efforts for the last 7 plus years and successfully grew annual revenue from the $2 million level to $20 million level in that same time frame. I thought that I was successful in my management and results, that is until I met and began working with Shalom Storch at the end of 2015. I was intrigued by the idea of learning how to be a more effective leader and better person especially after completion of the book Energy Leadership, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the level and immediacy of the impact working with Shalom as my personal coach would have not only on my business life but also in my personal life as well. In the short time since beginning our relationship, company sales goals have being shattered with record setting performances, individuals whom I had practically written off are now thriving under my leadership, my personal relationships have been elevated and the people I interact with regularly comment on how "at peace & genuinely happy" I have been of late. Shalom Storch is a genuine and amazing coach and person. I have only him to credit with guiding me through this transformation and the success it has already led to. I am truly grateful for the coaching and eagerly await our weekly sessions to learn more  about myself and how I am capable of influencing others through what I now am aware of as true leadership. These results are far greater and faster than I expected, but only the beginning and I look forward to continuing to grow with his assistance and guidance. The knowledge I am learning is so powerful that I have already discussed the possibilities of learning how to "coach" others as I only hope that I can give others the gift of clarity and personal peace that Shalom has helped me to achieve. Anyone having an open mind to improving themselves will truly benefit from his help and coaching.  

Ari Greenbaum
General Manager, Networx



You helped us so much.  For starters, my husband and I have been conscientious about carving out time together, at your suggestion, and it has been really beneficial for the whole family unit.  The sessions with you have helped us understand why we each react to triggers from the kids differently and therefore have helped us become more of a team in working with them.  Shabbos has really become somewhat of a transformation here--it's remarkable!  We enjoy the kids, sit around the table as a family shmoozing long after dessert, and manage the misbehaviors calmly (most of the time!) without getting the whole family off track.  Of course, we still have the same issues from each of the children, but really much less intensity overall.  Several week ago Chaim was reluctant to meet my husband in Shul because he wasn't wearing a tie.  I assured him that my husband would be happy to see him and wouldn't say a word about it.  After Chaim came home later and said that my prophecy had been fulfilled, I complimented my husband.  He responded that he hadn't even noticed!  That was just one example of the many places where we have eliminated tension. So, to sum it up, I can't say that we are always aware of the levels we're on or reaching for and all the involved terminology, but the coaching has definitely gotten us closer to where we want to be.

A Grateful Parent

Lakewood, NJ